Fire Ecology Trail | Red Rock Canyon NCA, Nevada

Fire Ecology Trail | Pine Creek Canyon | Red Rock Canyon NCA, Nevada | David Smith |

The .2-mile Fire Ecology interpretive trail in Pine Creek Canyon, Red Rock Canyon NCA, Nevada, was a controlled burn conducted in 1992 to determine how canyon forests could be managed to protect older pine trees from being consumed by brush fire. Following a brush management strategy aimed at controlling excess brush fuel on the forest floor, a controlled burn was conducted that successfully passed underneath the pines without damaging them. Today visitors can walk this interpretive trail and picnic at a table near the edge of Pine Creek. The best time of year to hike this trail is mid-Fall through mid-Spring. Summer temperatures can exceed 110 degrees. Learn more by clicking the image or title above.

Rainbow Mountain Eastern Cliffs Rock Climbers, Nevada

Rainbow Mountain Eastern Cliffs Rock Climbers | Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada

Observe rock climbers scaling the impossibly high vertical cliffs on the Eastern side of Rainbow Mountain, Nevada. In addition, view the summit approach route for Juniper Peak from above and receive a detailed description of that route beginning from the Pine Creek Canyon Trailhead.

Pine Creek Canyon Rock Climber Observations | Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada

Rock Climber Observations | Pine Creek Canyon | Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada

This non rock climber discovered the best route through Pine Creek Canyon to the Rock Climber ascent points and filmed some rock climbing from an awesome perspective across the canyon. In addition, I point out some great hiking trails and potential approaches to the Rainbow Mountains Upper Crest Ridgeline above the canyon.

Pine Creek Canyon, Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada

Pine Creek Canyon is definitely worth a day or two. It is more wild, untouched and the plant life more varied and abundant than in many other areas around Red Rock Park. It’s the second to the last trailhead parking area on the Red Rock Park Scenic Loop Drive. This entire side of Red Rock Park is often overlooked by those who spent their time at the more popular Red Rock Park Visitor Center, the Calico Hills, Turtlehead Peak, upper viewpoint, Willow Springs and Ice Box Canyon. But be prepared for a maze of trails! Route details: 3 mi/ 4000 > 4,500ft; **Some Trails, Some Wilderness** Click image or title above for more…

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