Grand Circle Loop | Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Grand Circle Loop | Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada

The Grand Circle Loop is and 11.3-mile trail that serves as a great overview of Red Rock Canyon and its surrounding wilderness areas including The Rainbow Mountain Wilderness and The La Madre Mountains Wilderness. Learn about the access points to these great wilderness areas and receive insight on wilderness navigation and strategy.

Petroglyph Wall & Lost Creek Canyon | Red Rock Canyon NCA, Nevada

Willow Spring Loop, Petroglyph Canyon, Lost Creek Canyon | Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada

View Petroglyph Wall, a waterfall in Lost Creek Canyon and the Willow Spring Loop in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada. These are three short trails packed with discovery and adventure for all ages. Traverse multiple climate and fauna zones, witness Native American history, walk on ancient Jurassic Era frozen sand dunes.

Pine Creek Canyon Rock Climber Observations | Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada

Rock Climber Observations | Pine Creek Canyon | Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada

This non rock climber discovered the best route through Pine Creek Canyon to the Rock Climber ascent points and filmed some rock climbing from an awesome perspective across the canyon. In addition, I point out some great hiking trails and potential approaches to the Rainbow Mountains Upper Crest Ridgeline above the canyon.

Keystone Thrust Summit from Willow Spring | Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Keystone Thrust Summit from Willow Spring | Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada

Summit the Keystone Thrust from Willow Spring in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Touch Two Additional Wilderness Areas: Rainbow Mountain Wilderness and La Madre Mountains Wilderness. Route goes along the North side of White Rock Mountain, up to La Madre Spring, past Miner’s Cabin and on to Keystone Thrust summit.

Juniper Peak | Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada

If you’re looking to climb your first peak in the Rainbow Mountains, Juniper Peak is a good start. Many of the surrounding peaks dwarf it in comparison: Mt. Wilson; Rainbow Mountain; Bridge Mountain. Experience all the beauty and challenge of a Jurassic Era Aztec red rock peak in the Rainbow Mountains of Nevada. When you are facing Juniper Peak there appear to be 3 routes from the Red Rock Park side: Two narrow chutes to the left and what looks like a more gradual approach to the right. I ended up selecting the middle of these routes – the right chute of the two chutes to the left. Hindsight says that the easier, and likely the more traditional route is the more gradual climb up the slope on the right (just before Pine Creek Canyon). Route Description: 8.7 mi/ 3,909 > 6,109ft; **Some Trails, Some Wilderness** Click image or title above for more…

Middle Oak Creek Trail in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Middle Oak Creek Trail | Rainbow Mountain Wilderness, Nevada

The videos on this page are an example of rains and flash floods in the desert. I recorded water cascading down canyon walls in the Rainbow Mountains of Nevada. It wasn’t a major life-threatening flash flood, but enough to get an idea how quickly things can change in the desert during a storm. Route Details: 4 miles RT; 300ft elevation gain; **Mostly wilderness, few trails.** Click image or title above for more…

Bonnie Springs Ranch | Red Rock Canyon

In mid-March of 2019, after about 45 years of operation, Bonnie Springs Ranch and it’s Old Nevada replica mining town, just West of Red Rock National Park, closed down. We feature Bonnie Springs Ranch here not because it is a hiking destination, but rather a long-time fixture in Red Rock Canyon. Click image or title above for more…

La Madre Mountain Eastern Approach from Red Rock Park, Nevada

The Eastern approach route will begin following the same path as the Southern approach route starting at the Sandstone Quarry parking area (Turtlehead Peak trailhead). From there head up Red Rock Wash and circle around the upper end of the Turtlehead Peak ridge system into Calico Basin, cross the upper Calico Basin, circle around the East end of the Keystone Trust and finally ascend the North side of La Madre Mountain.
It’s important to note that as with the other routes up La Madre Mountain, this route is quite the marathon and the most limiting factor will be enduring the distance and altitude gain. Image: Damsel Peak from La Madre Mt. East approach. Route description: 28 mi / 4306-8000ft; *Wilderness, No Trail* Click image or title above for more…

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