01 Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Overview

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Overview

The 10,000 acre Red Rock Canyon is the signature wilderness area just outside Metro Las Vegas. Hike and climb on magnificent Jurassic era frozen sand dunes and calico hills — some reaching heights of 7,000 feet. Experience the Southwestern desert with the help of an elaborate visitor center featuring interpretive displays, movies, presentations and walks. Then, plan your adventure from a short hike to a challenging vertical rock climb and all the levels of difficulty between. Best time of year for adventures here: Mid-Fall to early Spring below 5,000ft; Fall to Spring above 5000ft. Temperatures at the higher elevations are usually in the mid-70s during this time even when Las Vegas Valley is up to 95 degrees! Winter temperatures in the lower elevations can be in the mid-60s! Follow thumbnail images to view the details you will need to plan your adventures here. Click image or title above for more…

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