Sisters North | Lee Canyon | Mt Charleston Wilderness | Spring Mountains, Nevada

Sisters North | Lee Canyon | Mt. Charleston Wilderness | Spring Mountains, Nevada

Sisters North, located in Lee Canyon in the Mt. Charleston Wilderness is on a ridge system including Sisters South, Sisters North and Black Rock Sister. The ridge offers incredible 360 degree views with McFarland Peak, Bonanza Peak and Macks Peak to the West, the Sheep Range and Gass Peak to the North, Angel Peak, Mummy Mountain, the North Ridge of Kyle Canyon, Lee Peak and Charleston Peak to the East. There are far more reference points in the distance beyond, but these are the most obvious. A huge rock arch unexpectedly appears near the summit of the approach ridge along with the remarkable rock sculpture of Black Rock Sister. Route details: 8 mi RT/ 8,250 > 10,197ft; **Mostly Wilderness, Some Trails** Click image or title above for more…

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