01 Valley of Fire State Park Overview, Nevada

Valley of Fire State Park Overview, Nevada

Valley of Fire is Nevada’s first State Park, formally opened in 1934. It is a place of majestic and beautiful Aztec red, white and calico frozen dunes from the Jurassic Era; amazing rock formations that seem to defy reasoning; ancient native American petroglyphs, petrified logs and bighorn sheep. If you had just 7 days to visit Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, what are the most important points of interest you do not want to miss? In this 7-day tour I visited and documented over 30 points of interest. In addition, I created a 7-day strategy for getting the most out of your week at Valley of Fire State Park. Finally, I explored, documented and discussed in more detail two outstanding features of the park: The weird rock formations and ancient petroglyphs. Best time of year for adventures here: Mid-Fall to Mid-Spring. When temperatures in the Las Vegas Valley rise above 75-80 degrees these destinations can become uncomfortable and even dangerous. However, during the Winter months expect comfortable mid-day temperatures around 60 degrees. Follow thumbnail images to view the details you will need to plan your adventures here. Click image or title above for more…

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