Posture Indicates Health Status - Gus Vargas, Owner of Structura Body Therapies, Las Vegas

What does your posture have to do with achieving your optimal physical health?

Today you’re going to learn how to increase athletic performance, address chronic pain and improve functionality by focusing on your posture.

Knowing where you stand when it comes to the state of your physical health may be as simple as knowing how you stand. At a time when there are many complex, professionally administered health assessment tests available, Gus Vargas offers a simple test you can take yourself in the comfort of your home – an assessment of your posture.

In the webinar this week you will learn:

  1. What impact does posture have on your physical health?
  2. How does posture impact chronic pain, functionality, and athletic performance?
  3. What is fascia and what role does it play in posture?
  4. What items can stress your posture?
  5. What actions can be done to improve posture?

Benefits of focusing on good posture:

  • Use posture as an objective method of analyzing physical health
  • Discover issues before they become painful, impactful, and expensive, allowing proactive physical medicine
  • Retain your quality of life as you mature
  • Improve your athletic performance

Gus Vargas, Owner,Mgr. Structura Body Therapies, Las Vegas, NevadaAbout Gus Vargas:

Gus Vargas used to be an IT Project manager at a well-known casino game manufacturer in Las Vegas. He enjoyed his job, but to stay healthy and to manage stress, he did bootcamp at 6am. He did this for 6 years straight until an injury prevented him from continuing. This really negatively impacted his quality of life and started his 18-month journey to get it fixed. Even after a year of massage, 10 chiropractic sessions, 3 months of physical therapy, and visiting an orthopedic surgeon, he still was unable to get back to working out. While at Zion Utah during a trail running event, he bumped into a company called Structura Body Therapies. After explaining his problem to the owners, he felt they could help him out. He and his wife took the 7-hour drive to see them at Ogden, Utah. And to his amazement, they did in 3 days what he couldn’t do in 18 months. So impressed with the therapy was he, that he quit his corporate job and opened a local clinic of Structura Body Therapies for Vegas.

Gus and his team are now helping Las Vegans get pain-free, functional, and performing better athletically using only natural methods.

Webinar Notes:

What are your goals?

  • Travel
  • Visit friends
  • Better job
  • Complete a project
  • Build a car, boat, house

Lets agree on a physical goal:

  • To be able to hold two 25-lbs grocery bags in each hand at the age of 100


  • Pain
  • Joint issues
  • Trauma
  • Limited range of motion

Posture is an important key to increase and maintain human physical performance.


We live, move and stand against the constant force of gravity. The goal is that our posture is properly aligned to maximize the natural ability of our skeletal structure to resist the force of gravity with the least expenditure of energy.


Our fascia is designed to create a balance of forces. When there is an imbalance, there is a greater expenditure of energy to perform the basic activities of life which tends to lead to chronic pain and illness.

Postural Objective

Again, the objective is proper alignment to maximize the ability of our skeletal structure to resist the force of gravity with the least expenditure of energy. See the alignment chart in the video (above).

What causes stress on our posture?

  • Trauma
  • Emotions
  • Poor posture
  • Stress
  • Illness
  • Repetitive Movement

Visual Impact on our posture

See the video (above) for images of proper and improper postural alignment.

Tools to improve posture

  • Awareness of your Posture
  • Body work (Rolfing Method of Structural Integration – posture correcting massage)
  • Repatterning Exercises
  • Mobility Tools

Benefits of a good posture

  • Protect joints
  • Injury prevention
  • Pain relief
  • Functionality
  • Improved athletic performance


Understanding how to improve and retain good posture is an important aspect of physical health. It keeps us mobile with healthy joints, pain-free, functional, and performing better athletically. It is an important part of proactive healthcare.

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