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Easily Activating Your All-Compelling Reason to Be Fit

Many great personal fitness programs fail, not for lack of information, planning, training or proper gear, but due to lack of a compelling “Why”. Example: The awesome work out machine buried in the garage under a junk pile. In this webinar we’ll help you establish a strong “why” that will easily propel you through the sustained discipline and consistency you need to reach your health goals.

In This Webinar You Will Learn…

  1. What are the essential elements that make up a powerful “why” capable of sustaining you through success with your health goals.
  2. The 5-Pillar test of a good “why”.
  3. The power of “consequence immediacy”, small steps, milestones, accountability and celebration.
  4. An example of all elements coming together to create a powerful “why”.
  5. How other webinar participants have experienced the challenge of “why”.
  6. How to select a health goal.
  7. How to create your all-compelling “why”.

Benefits of Attending This Webinar

  • Find new ability to easily succeed in your health goals, even if you have previously failed multiple times.
  • Replace difficulty and guilt with ease and joy.
  • Experience new confidence in your ability to shape your body and your life according to the design you choose.
  • Become a positive example and a source of strength for others in the area of health and wellness.

David Smith, M-Div Moderator, Owner of NetworkLasVegas.comWho is David Smith?

David Smith has devoted the better part of one day each week over the past 20 years to experiencing a mountain trail running adventure. He began in the Pacific Northwest with the Columbia Gorge and Cascade Mountains; then moved to Southern California and experienced the Angeles Crest mountains; then the Northeast where he experienced the Hudson River Valley and Minnewaska; finally in 2016 to Las Vegas where he is experiencing and documenting Red Rock Park, the Spring Mountains (Mt. Charleston area), Death Valley and beyond!

As a owner of David is uniquely positioned to document and post these trail running adventures, however, his dual objective is to support businesses in growth, development and finding new clients.

Webinar Notes

Easily Activate Your All-Compelling Reason to Be Fit

How to Motivate Yourself All the Way to Your Optimal Health Goal

Webinar Overview

Value of a Compelling “Why”:
Many great personal fitness programs fail, not for lack of information, planning, training or proper gear, but due to lack of a compelling “Why”.

Two Women, Both Age 74, One More Fit

Vision statement

We have the ability to shape the person we are becoming.

My vision at age 26

  • Norm Reinhardt (age 64 could run faster than me when I was age 26!)
  • I wanted to be that person when I reached 64
    • Fitness
    • Activity level
    • Fun
    • Surprise the younger generation
    • No limits

Exercise MachineThings I’ve tried over the years

  • Exercise machines
  • Workout in the gym
  • Forced workout – using discipline to drive me.

Disappointing results

No consistent solution, things that derailed my fitness program:

  • Sickness
  • Work schedule
  • Family
  • Life changes
  • Move, divorce, new job
  • Weight gain


Then I began to take those elements that had inspired me since I was a child:

  • Adventure, exploration
  • Larger vision of myself, pretend, fantasy
  • Purpose
  • Fitness/Health
  • Spiritual Connection

Epic adventure

Pulling everything into alignment

My Saturday epic adventure began to pull a lot of things into alignment.
Ever-Present Question:
“How will this decision affect the great epic Saturday adventure?”

  • Food choices
  • Daily exercise
  • Sleep

Dangerous TornadoArtificial crisis

Unknowingly, I had created an artificial crisis. My epic adventure demanded top conditioning, or potentially face a life-threatening situation on the trail. I had to review:

  • What is my ideal weight?
  • What is my ideal fitness?
  • How can I quickly navigate barriers like injuries to attain rapid recovery?
  • How can I avoid injury? What is my optimal running form, shoes?

FrogOur slow-brewing crisis

We have a lot of slow brewing crises. We become accustomed to less than our ideal health.

  • What are a few extra pounds?
  • What is missing one workout day?
  • What’s really wrong with taking this one unhealthy element into our bodies?
  • I can get by with less sleep?

Boiling Pot
The sum total of a lot of small, seemingly insignificant decisions

And the result is a true crisis…

I create an artificial crisis each week…

Two Women, Both Age 74, One More Fit

Your all-consuming passion

  • What is YOUR all-consuming passion that can pull your total health into alignment?
  • What activity feeds your body, mind, emotions and spirit?
    • Going to a gym?
    • Vollyball, softball with a team?
    • Dancing, line dancing, ballroom dancing?
    • Walking, hiking…with your dog?
    • Preparing for a 10-k run; A marathon
    • Preparing for another kind of competition:
      • Figure competition, martial arts, golf (without the cart), dance

Our slow-brewing crisis

Your own list of the things that most inspire you
will make up the “why” that can easily motivate you
to the sustained discipline and consistency you need
to reach your health goals.

Achieving Your Optimal Health Webinar Series5-Pillar test of a worthy “why”

Your all-consuming “why” will be stronger and more enduring to the extent that it touches upon these five elements.

Sustainability test of a worthy “Why”

Try to eliminate reasons to skip your activity:

  • Don’t let that activity be dependent on someone else.
  • Don’t make it expensive.
  • Make it simple: No huge lengthy preparation. (1 part preparation to 5 or 10 parts actual activity)
  • Turn it into a routine: 6-month rule – it takes about 6 months to internalize a routine.

List 3 options for your epic activity, your “why”

Reflect > Share

Like Unpeeling the Layers of an OnionAdding a few layers to deepen your “why”

Now, take that activity and add a few layers:

  • Document your epic adventure.
  • Add an element of contribution – “useful” aspect.
  • Daily run create beautiful space, off-trail benefit
  • Workout/Adventure
  • Those additional layers internalize the adventure and daily workouts into my overall lifestyle.

Winner Coming Across the Finish LineTop 10 Sustainability rules

  1. 10% rule: Don’t increase your activity level more than by a factor of 10% over the previous week.
  2. Alternate Work/Rest: Go harder, go lighter (every other day) one day each week go all out, no more than every other week do an extreme version of your epic adventure experience. One day total rest/week.
  3. Preventative exercise rule:
    • Stretches, quarter plank, sit-ups for full body conditioning.
    • Back exercise that eliminated my lower back issues. My back used to go out.
    • Neck stretches eliminated shoulder / neck issues.
  4. Preventative support rule:
    • Knee braces low drop shoes chondroitin / glucosamine smooth out my running form eliminated knee and hip joint issues.
    • Supplementation fed what I broke down and aided in rapid recovery.
    • Anti-inflammatories: Keep inflammation down, aids recovery and healing. Foods, natural anti-inflammatory supplements.
  5. Use pain relievers wisely: Use sparingly. Pain is the body’s warning system that something is wrong: Wrong shoes, wrong form… Masking pain can lead to further injury.
  6. Ideal weight rule: Being at my ideal weight increases endurance, fun on the trail.
  7. Safety rule: Stay out of the danger zone:
    • Never go beyond your limits into the danger zone. It’s always better to stop just short of dangerous overexertion/hazard.
    • You can always return the next week. and push it a little further.
      • La Madre Mountain; Gass Peak…10-15 attempts short of the summit.
  8. Don’t push…”allow”:
    • Aggressiveness adds stress, is counterproductive, is short lived, produces weaker results.
  9. Create an Accountability Structure:
    • My website makes me accountable
  10. Create Milestones Along with Celebration!
    • Milestones recall your goal
    • Help you track your progress
    • Give you reference points along the way.
    • Celebration creates reward, gives you something to look forward to.

Share your all-compelling “why” stories

Share your previous experience with an all-compelling “why”.


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