WordPress Website Tutorial

WordPress is a great tool to create your adventure website.

  • The largest most widely supported website content management tool.
  • Continually updated to fit internet browser updates.
  • Here to stay…will not be abandoned in the future.
  • Thousands of plugins to extend website capabilities…many of them free.
  • As easy to edit as working with Microsoft Word or other document program…once you get the hang of it.

In this WordPress Video Tutorial you will learn how to…

  • Navigate the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Install, activate, manage and update WordPress plugins
  • Create and edit pages and blog articles
  • Upload and manage images and other media
  • Set up WordPress users who can work with you to manage your website

This WordPress tutorial is pretty comprehensive — Over 90 minutes in length — enjoy!

Need additional help creating your adventure website? Contact the creator of https://lasvegasareatrails.com


(503) 816-9665

Tutorial Video Coming Soon!

WordPress Website Tutorial | Health Sites
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WordPress Website Tutorial | Health Sites
WordPress is a great tool to create your health business website, adventure website or journalistic legacy website.
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