Change Your Brain, Change Your Life | Open Forum Webinar by Achieving Your Optimal Health Team

Glean from the education, experience and wisdom of our team of top Las Vegas Health & Wellness professionals during this open forum. We will begin with a few starter questions (see below) and then open the questions to all webinar attendees. Bring your health questions to this group and experience the mastermind team wisdom and solutions that result.



Brain Training: Exercises (regular activity) focused on maintaining or improving cognitive ability. Cognitive training has been shown to lead to neural changes such as increased blood flow to the prefrontal cortex.

Neuroplasticity: The ability for the brain to change and develop based on life experiences.

Mental Imaging has been shown to lead to improved physical performance:

  • Ability to master a musical instrument (violin)
  • Strength training for athletes.

Mental rehearsal can lead to improved performance:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Interviews
  • Difficult meetings

Connection between brain atrophy and cardiovascular fitness:

  • Cardiovascular fitness can lead to increased blood flow to the brain and brain health. Decreased cardiovascular fitness is correlated with brain atrophy and that training older adults in a cardiovascular fitness regimen leads to increased volume in the prefrontal and temporal cortex areas.
  • Brain atrophy can lead to decreased cardiovascular fitness.


  • But beware: In 2019, a group of researchers showed that claims of enhancement following brain training and other training programs have been exaggerated, based on a number of meta-analyses.[37] Other factors (eg genetics) seem to play a bigger role.

  • 9 great brain games and brain training websites.

4 Starter Questions

  1. What life limitations do people typically face that can be improved by “changing their brain”?
  2. What is meant by “changing your brain”?
  3. How does one go about “changing their brain”?
  4. What results might a person experience by “changing their brain”?

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