Common Health Issues and Natural Solutions, Achieving Your Optimal Health Webinar Series, Las Vegas

There is a natural solution to nearly every common health issue. The benefits of seeking a natural solution to your health issue are avoiding the dangerous side effects and high costs of pharmaceuticals, actively participating  in your healing process and therefore taking control over your health rather than giving that control away to something or someone external. With self-empowerment comes a new sense of self confidence and hope for your future. The health experts of the Achieving Your Optimal Health team present their best wisdom, knowledge and experience on how to find natural solutions to common health issues and the benefits of doing so. Expect to be empowered!

Each Team Member Identifies the Top 5 Common Health Issues They Routinely Face 

  • Dealing with Chronic Pain, Injury Prevention and Mitigation, Releasing Body Stress
    Gus Vargas, Structura Body Therapies
  • Dealing with Chronic Pain, Relieving Emotional Stress, Natural Treatment for Chronic Disease, Injury Recovery
    Denise Tropea, DPM
  • Dealing with Physical Discomfort, Facing Medical Mysteries, Discovering Spiritual Gifts and Life Purpose
    Annie Emprima-Martin, MHsM, CSLC, Metaphysician
  • Diet and Weight Issues, Special Needs Conditions Treated by Customized Diet
    Michele Ciancimino, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Dealing with Environmental Toxins, Allergies, Viruses, Trauma and More
    Holly McClenahan, RN, CTH, HSE, TRS, Bioresonance and Trauma Resolution Practitioner
  • Dealing with Poor Health, Low Energy, Physical Weakness, Susceptibility to Injury and Illness, Slow Recovery from Illness
    Marianne Blackham, NASM Personal Trainer
  • Growing Your Health Services Business (Common Business Health Issues)
    David Smith, and

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