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Corona Virus: Boosting Your Immune System Adds a Layer of Protection - Webinar in "Achieving Your Optimal Health" Series

Protecting Yourself from Corona Virus and Other Threats

The Corona Virus is a present world-wide threat and it is only natural that it became a discussion topic in our series, Achieving Your Optimal Health. That being said, on the day of this webinar little was known about the origin of the virus and an immunization vaccine had not yet been created. Though medical science is largely in the dark with it comes to prevention and cure of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), there are some important “knowns”.

  1. The virus is transmitted by direct contact with the fluids (droplets) of infected individuals. Therefore, avoid direct contact (hand shake…etc.), wash frequently for a full 20 seconds and use hand sanitizer.
  2. Some populations are more susceptible than others: i.e. Individuals over the age of 70 and individuals with pre-existing conditions are more susceptible and at risk.
  3. For the latest, most authoritative update view the Coronavirus Disease pages on the CDC and FDA websites.

That being said, the value of our health team discussion touches upon the subject of immunity. If individuals over age 70 and individuals with pre-existing conditions are more at risk, it stands to reason that those with a stronger immune system might be less at risk than those with a weaker immune system. Therefore, it is always wise to find ways to strengthen your immune system, and this is the subject of our webinar.

Another topic of the webinar is our discussion on discerning sources of information: We’re flooded with information on a medium, the internet, on which anyone can post content with no screening. How can we know the difference between truth and hype?
And then, there’s the conversation on dealing with our fears: Fear in itself can contribute to illness. The way we deal with fear can make us more or less susceptible to illness. How can we prepare ourselves against the threat of Corona Virus without experiencing the kind of fear that can weaken our immune defenses?

Finally, the time may be coming in which it is wise to use the many great tools available that enable us to meet virtually with others. Now is a good time to practice using a free virtual meeting tool that is available to everyone.

Hand Sanitizer Recipes

In the webinar replay video on this page one of our leaders, Michele Ciancimino, promised to submit her best hand sanitizer recipes. Her recipes include doTerra essential oils which you can find through this link: doTERRA Essential Oils

Hand Sanitizing Gel:

Made with doTERRA essential oils

1 cup aloe vera gel
4 tsp. witch hazel
2 drops LEMON oil Plus:
4 drops ON GUARD and 4 drops Wild Orange

doTERRA Hand Sanitizer:

1 tablespoon aloe vera gel
20 drops ON GUARD


In an 8oz glass spray bottle, combine aloe vera and doTERRA On Guard.
Fill the rest of bottle with water. Shake until combined.
To use, spray on hands and rub together.

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