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Common Boundary Pitfalls

While modern brain science has pretty much debunked the myth that we use only 10% of our brains, the question of how short we fall of our human potential is a little more tricky. Many feel that they are capable of far more than they have achieved. In her book, Living in Total Health, Glen Alex writes, “Our capabilities transcend the ‘seen’. We are incredible beings, capable of phenomenal feats, far beyond the awareness and intellect of science.”

In this webinar Glen tackles one of the major barriers people face to achieving their true limitless potential: The inability to set clear boundaries. When our boundaries are weak, we allow others to sap our energy and derail our focus and our intentions. Today Glen identifies some common boundary pitfalls and looks at ways we can establish the healthy boundaries that help liberate us to achieve our true potential.

In This Webinar You Will Learn How…

  1. an inability to say no can sap energy and destroy peace of mind.
  2. unspoken expectations kill relationships.
  3. inappropriate sharing, especially at the beginning of a relationship can be disrespectful and prevent a relationship from developing naturally.
  4. to care for yourself by learning to say no and set appropriate limits with friends, family members and others.
  5. to be assertive with others and communicate your needs with love.
  6. to appropriately share who you are authentically while being open to learning about the other person, which can lead to true compatibility.

All of the above are personal boundary issues. Establishing appropriate personal boundaries can lead to the quality of health and life that enables you to approach your highest potential.

Benefits of Attending This Webinar

  • Experience more energy and less stress due to boundary issues no longer sapping your strength.
  • Achieve your goals more rapidly as you remove barriers to progress caused by boundary issues.
  • Enjoy more fulfilling relationships without the stress, confusion, frustration and resentment caused when your boundaries are continually violated.

Glen Alex, LCSW, Author of Living In Total Health, Health Skills Coach, Speaker, Las Vegas, Nevada Who Is Glen Alex?

Glen Alex, LCSW, is the author of Living in Total Health, and a health skills coach and speaker based in Las Vegas, Nevada. From childhood Glen has observed and studied interpersonal interactions, finding meanings that most of us miss. Every interaction has an outcome. Our interactions can be helpful or hurtful. As a child, Glen determined that she would seek to master behavior and interactions that lead to health and positive growth. As a licensed social worker Glen gained formal training and skills that enabled her to continue to pursue her goal to be an influence in helping others create happy and productive lives.

With a family history of diabetes, Glen made a decision early on that she would research, discover and implement natural ways to prevent diabetes. Her research expanded to include a holistic approach to promote prevention and healing for additional health issues. Her book, Living in Total Health is the summary of Glen’s comprehensive strategy to living a life that is joyful, connected, confident and complete. She has coined the term “Wellth” to describe this quality of life.

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