Achieving Your Optimal Health – Introduction – 5 Pillars of Optimal Health

Navigating the Gap Between Current and Optimal Health

Living Every Day in Your Optimal Health – Not Just a Dream Imagine living every day in your optimal health for a longer, more active and satisfying life! We’ll help you get there. Over 15 experts from a wide variety of Las Vegas health professions offer their best wisdom on how to attain your optimal […]

Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny | Dr. Denise Tropea, DPM

Your DNA is Not Your Destiny, Dr. Denise Tropea, DPM

The Tsunami of Chronic Medical Conditions and How Your DNA is Not Your Destiny The Value of This “Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny” Webinar Do you or someone you know suffer from a chronic condition? Chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity are the world’s biggest killers today. Many think of such […]

What Your Posture Says About Your Health | Gus Vargas

Posture Indicates Health Status - Gus Vargas, Owner of Structura Body Therapies, Las Vegas

What does your posture have to do with achieving your optimal physical health? Today you’re going to learn how to increase athletic performance, address chronic pain and improve functionality by focusing on your posture. Knowing where you stand when it comes to the state of your physical health may be as simple as knowing how […]

Mastering YOUR Optimal Diet – Dr. Angela Carlson, ND

Mastering Your Optimal Diet Webinar with Dr. Angela Carlson, ND

What is YOUR Optimal Diet? Not all food contributes equally to your health. Some foods contribute to inflammation weight gain and low energy. Other foods improve mood, lead to less pain, greater energy and to your optimal weight. We’re going to explore the difference between these two types of foods and help you create a […]

Motivate Yourself All the Way to Your Optimal Health Goal | David Smith, MDiv

Motivating Yourself to Your Health Goals David Smith

Easily Activating Your All-Compelling Reason to Be Fit Many great personal fitness programs fail, not for lack of information, planning, training or proper gear, but due to lack of a compelling “Why”. Example: The awesome work out machine buried in the garage under a junk pile. In this webinar we’ll help you establish a strong […]

Overcoming Childhood Trauma with Accelerated Recovery Through Hypnotherapy | Loya Riggan

Overcoming Childhood Trauma Loya Riggan, CH, Hypnotherapist & NLP

Receiving Healing from Deep Rooted Negative Self-Beliefs That Began with Childhood Trauma Many adults are impacted by trauma that occurred during the formative childhood years. Trauma creates a shift in the child subconscious mind, which, in turn, creates deep-rooted negative self-beliefs, low self-esteem, self-blame, and a myriad of other symptoms that escalate with time and […]

Affording Medical Care Along the Way to Achieving Your Health Goals

Affording Medical Care Along the Way to Achieving Your Health Goals | Sheri Martin, Doctor of Naturopathy, Health Benefits Advisor

Create a Finance Contingency Strategy When everything is going well, it’s easier to move toward your optimal health goals. The effectiveness of your strategy depends on you alone. However, in the event of an unexpected accident or illness your entire strategy may be derailed, placing you in the hands of the medical establishment. If you […]

Alternative Ways to Deal with Chronic Pain, Dr. Denise Tropea, DPM

Alternative Ways to Deal with Chronic Pain, Dr. Denise Tropea, DPM, Achieving Your Optimal Health, Las Vegas, Nevada

CBD as an Alternative to Opioids Chronic pain is the number one cause of long-term disability in the US. Over 100 million Americans suffer from some degree. In this presentation conventional and alternative treatments will be discussed. The shift to natural treatments is gaining popularity to assist people afflicted with pain syndromes. In This Webinar […]

What Role Does Fascia Play in Health? Gus Vargas

What Role Does Facia Play in Your Physical Health? Gus Vargus, Achieving Your Optimal Health, Las Vegas, Nevada

28% of Americans Deal with Chronic Pain What is fascia and what role does it play in physical health and chronic pain? Per the CDC report in 2016, 28% of Americans deal with chronic pain. And this number doesn’t reflect the amount of people who aren’t in pain but have reduced physical functionality. Find out […]